Using a Deodorant Without Aluminum Fixed My Underarm Skin Irritation

I probably tried a couple dozen deodorants. Then I looked for one that does not have aluminum. That was pretty easy actually as I found out that deodorant without aluminum is just deodorant. The aluminum is actually what the antiperspirant is made of. It is what stops the sweating. Not everyone needs that. I do not sweat a lot under my arms. If I did, I would just look for an option that is an antiperspirant that does not have aluminum in it. I had tried all those different products because they all made my armpits itch and made them red. It would look really bad in the summer.

I found a product that does not irritate my sensitive underarm skin at all now. Instead of trying all those different products in the store, I should have just learned about deodorant without aluminum. It’s not like you can give away used deodorant, and at several bucks a pop, it got expensive trying out the different ones to find one that did not irritate my skin. Plus, when it did not cause any irritation, it had to keep me from stinking on a hot day at work. There were ones that did not irritate my skin, but they were not good at keeping BO from happening.

I finally hit on one product that does not have a smell or scent of its own, but it sure does keep me from stinking. It lasts through a full shift at work on the hottest and muggiest days. I never smell. I have even asked my wife to give me the sniff test. I had to promise her dinner at her favorite restaurant, but she did it. She told me I smelled clean. Now I just grab her and put her in a headlock joking with her that I am trying a new deodorant and want to know if it works. She punches me in the arm when she gets loose! Anyway, I did find something that works. I just wanted to post this so other guys with sensitive skin can find something that works for them. We can be tough and still have sensitive underarm skin.