Top Notch Website Design in Singapore

I went with minibig design in singapore when I created my website and I love the results. It really makes the website appealing to visitors at a first glance, which is important, because visitors are more likely to stay on a website if it looks appealing. I made the website to sell various products under a brand I created. The brand is a family friendly brand geared towards young children. I sell t-shirts, toys, athletic equipment, and school supplies, and the parents and kids love them. I think the biggest reason that parents and kids love the brand so much is because of the website.

Ordering form the website is a simple process that the parents and kids can get involved in. The parents can place the order by entering their payment information, while the kids can play fun games on the website that are related to their purchases. It look a lot of work to create the games. Thinking of a game for each product was the hardest part, because I wanted every game to be unique. Programming the games was much easier once I had a clear idea of what games I wanted to be made for the site.

The site has existed for over a year, and each day a lot more people come to the website. I’m going to increase the strength of the brand and the website by adding some new content to it in the coming months. I plan to add short videos for families to watch that will get them even more interested in the products they will buy. The videos will be no longer than a minute, so the families won’t get tired of them. It will be like having my own television channel, but on the Internet, rather than the air waves.