The Cheapest Plan for a Smart Phone

Straight Talk AT&T Compatible SIM Card - Walmart.comMy daughter is now 13 and we have a little phone for her to use, a really cheap triple minute tracfone that cost me something ridiculously cheap. It was fine for what we wanted her to use it for, but now she has gotten to the stage where she has to text all of her friends constantly, usually to say LOL or something that can be expressed with an emoticon. She wants a real smart phone like some of her friends have. I found a place where I can get a straight talk promo code and I want to use it on a plan that will let her get a good phone. Of course I am not really sold on spending 30 dollars or more per month to provide cell phone service for such frivolous purposes. In essence she needs one because all of the other kids have it.

I am thinking about something more along the lines of 20 dollars per month or that sort of thing.