Starting My New Job Next Month

I still have to get a lot of stuff sorted out, but in a week or so I am going to drive up to New Bedford, MA and get started on my new job. The job I have is actually in Cambridge, MA, but this is not an area where I can afford to live at this point in time. Instead I found a place that is really, really cheap and right now I am on this web page looking for cheap internet in massachusetts. I will not really need much else, because the job is going to be a short term project as it looks now. The best thing is that it lasts a few months or half a year, and I walk away with some good references and a leg up in the field which I am looking to get started in. In fact it is possible that it could all fall apart much more quickly than that and I might take a pretty good beating, because there is an element of risk in this. I am taking a pretty good chance with some people who are taking a really big gamble on something that does not appear very likely to succeed in my opinion.

I need a job, but that is not why I am trying this. In fact it is not all that great a job as such. Instead it is a potential stepping stone on the path that I want to be on. It could also be a dead end street, but that analogy is rather depressing and I feel as though I am taking the right chance. At any rate I am going to go up there and do little else aside from working and trying to learn things that I will need to know.