Spent the Day in Tokyo

I have been here a day, not accomplished very much yet. I am trying to get the feel of things and wondering if I am going to need a professional japanese translator to help me out. Of course they have a lot of people who speak English here, which makes it easier for someone like me. I am not really sure right now how much is going to be involved in this job though and of course the real language of this job is mathematics and engineering. I am going to be looking at what the client has in mind and whether or not they are going to be willing to pay a reasonable rate before I get too far into my own pocket. For the next couple of days I am just a tourist on a paid holiday though. They paid for me to come out here, but then it turned out that they were not ready. Things had not gone as they planned, as is often the case of course.

It is awfully difficult for me to get around without some person who knows the way. I got on a train today and pretty much got the sense of what a sardine would feel like if it was alive when they packed it into the can. I mean it was so crowded that I could not move at all and I could barely breathe. When people started getting off at the station they nearly swept me off with them and I was doing my best to figure out if I wanted to get off there or if it was the next stop where I needed to get off the train. I decided to go for it and see what happened, which meant I was briefly lost until my smart phone rescued me.