So How Tough Would It Be to Do This?

I was thinking about ways that you can make money on the internet and thinking about the possibility of selling some stuff on the Internet. Of course the big question is what you would sell. There are a lot of obvious things, like music cd’s, video game cd’s, adult videos and sextoys. The obvious things are stuff that you can deliver easily, if you can stick it in an envelope and have the US Postal Service deliver it, then that makes it a lot easier. The problems with those things are that you already have a vast amount of established competition. In the case of music, video and video games you have to compete on a large number of levels against some entities with a very large advantage. That is the fact that some of them will be able to deliver these products digitally. While you are selling a physical product that takes a few days or a week to arrive, they will be selling ones and zeroes that can be on the customer’s computer in the matter of an hour or less.

Of course a lot of this stuff is just stolen by people. They do not see the point in buying a CD when they can get it for free off the internet on a file sharing site of some sort. It is not hard to figure out that free is a much better deal than anything you can offer them and it is not as though there is a high probability of being punished for that sort of thing. At any rate that sort of product would be a highly competitive market, because it is easy to get it from a lot of other places, legally or not. It is just a very tough thing to compete against.