Just Started Back to School

I am really pretty proud of myself, but we shall have to see how well my scheme holds together. I managed to find a huge house that is within walking distance of the campus and then I talked four other guys into splitting the rent with me. It belongs to this nice old lady who is moving because she does not want to keep up the place, but she does not want to sell either. If you look here then you can see how I had to figure out which electric company to pick. In all honesty I really did not see much difference in any of the choices that I had. I picked the one that had the lowest rates, but the difference in it and the next lowest was probably not that significant. I was thinking that you would not find out if you had made a good choice at this time of the year.

The way to know if you have a good electric company is going to be what happens when you have a full blown disaster, like for example a blizzard or an ice storm. A blizzard is bad enough, but ice storms are the worst in my opinion. You know that is going to knock the power out for thousands and thousands of people, and that is when you are going to figure out whether or not the electric company has their act together. I remember once when I was a kid there was a really bad storm and we lost our power for eight or nine days. You really and truly get to appreciate the modern conveniences when you go without them for that long. As long as the lights are on obviously you do not really appreciate how nice it is have them.