Just a Little Help Until I Get Paid Next Week

Pictures Blog: Electronic CigaretteI got into a little financial tough situation the last week. So when I asked all my family members if I could borrow some money most of them said no because they didn’t have any means either. I was really in a tough bind. I need money then and needed to get it fast. I was lucky I got a v2 cigs coupon code to use for my addiction but that didn’t help much. I mean, if I didn’t use it at all I would totally have a lot more money. But that was not the point. I needed the cash and no one was lending it to me.

So I decided to try one of those money now places. I went and applied to it and they gave me the results quite quick. They rejected me. They said that the lack of credit history made it hard for them to accept me. I was so mad. I left in a rush and drove home. That is when I noticed a title loan place.