Is There a Way to Get the Whole News Story when It Comes to Politics?

I have coworkers, friends and family who will quote what they see on social media as being the truth. All of the warnings about fake news seem to have not touched them at all. Not a day goes by that someone I know does not hit me with some factoid or statistic from dubious sources either building up the president or knocking him down. During the election I read a lot more, so I could call out fake stories with great skill. Now, with less time to devote to fact gathering, I read about President Trump news online at a website that publishes many stories about the same subjects daily.

It is nice to get a broad representation of journalistic coverage for the same topic. Diverse authors and journalists writing about the same thing helps to get a multifaceted view of what really happened without resorting to less than professional journalism that is more about yelling and name calling than it is about sharing facts. The President Trump news website is a decent read if you want to find one place that has a lot of separate articles about the same topics concerning our newest US president. I go there as soon as I hear something I am interested in during a breaking news report or when I read something concerning the president on social media.

When you read about a news story from different journalists, you get a more well-rounded view of what happened. If you have ever watched a report on one news channel and then switched to another to hear a different news agency’s report of the same thing, you know that little details one left out will be brought out at the other channel. It is the nature of the news animal that brings us the information we rely on to make our voting decisions. Each reporter or producer enhances the details they want brought out.