I Did Not Want Dial Up Internet

When I bought a house in the country, I was not worried about anything other than making sure I had reliable Internet. The only reason it was important to me is because I am a blogger. I make really good money from it, and I did not want to lose that source of income since it pays all of my bills. Before buying the house, I did some research online to make sure I would be okay there. I saw a banner on a website that said to click here for Internet options in Alabama, which is where I was looking to move at the time.

I was able to see pretty quickly what my options were. I had basically two. I could get dial up, or I could have satellite Internet. I did not want to get dial up for a couple of reasons. It is what I had when I was a lot younger, and I can still remember how horribly slow it was. Also, I would need to have the added expense of having a second phone line since I would not want to have my main line tied up anytime I wanted to go online. It wasn’t even really an option for me unless it was an absolute last resort.

Fortunately, I did not have to even consider it because satellite Internet was the option that is also available in the area I was looking to move to. I was concerned about line of sight issues, but I was able to tell as soon as I found the perfect house that it would not be an issue. I knew which direction the satellite dish would have to be pointing, and there were no trees or anything in the way that would interfere. Thanks to that, I was able to get my house and continue to do the work that I love.