Helped My Friend Move This Weekend

I am really pretty jealous of my friend for the place that he found, although there is not much way that I would be able to afford it. However it is a lot better than the place where I am living with a guy that I went to college with. Obviously you are not really going to be able to afford seaside residences in Singapore unless you have money and he has a very wealthy family. They made a huge amount of money in real estate, now they are involved in building large residential buildings. What that really means is that they are in a position to borrow a huge sum of money in order to carry out these projects, rather than that they actually have huge piles of cash. Of course that does not mean that he wants to pay people to help him move, but I did not do it for free.

The big thing he wanted was to borrow the van that my boss lets me drive, but there was not any chance that I was going to do that. He made me laugh when he asked. He was trying to get it for free after I told him that I was not going to help him for free. It was pretty funny for the guy to think I was going to trust him to drive off with a van that my boss trusted to me. I made him fill it up with gas and after we got done with the move he had to pay for a huge dinner at a great steakhouse. I got really hungry before I went in there and I rang up a really big meal. He complained about it, but I just laughed a lot more at him wanting to get it all for free.