Easy to Create Deductions on a Pay Stub

People love working for me because I am generous. I know that sounds arrogant or egotistical, but it is true. I have always believed that if you treat your workers right, then they will be the best workers in return. I have always used that philosophy in my work life, and it has not failed me yet. I don’t have a lot of workers because I don’t have a traditional company. However, when I do need someone, it is easy to find someone to help me. I use this tool I found online to help me with their pay stubs too.

The reason I use it is because I usually end up giving loans or payday advances to the people working for me. I tend to get the people who are down on their luck, and I really don’t want it any other way. People have helped me out in the past, and I want to help others as well. With the worker I have right now, he needed a loan of 500 dollars to help with a car repair. He is working for me for six weeks, so we determined that I would take six equal installments out to repay the 500 dollars.

With the paystub maker that I use online, it is really easy for me to create a pay stub that reflects all of this. I don’t take taxes out on anyone, which makes it even easier. For my worker now, I just put in his name and some other identifying information, then I put in for a deduction once a week to repay back the auto repair loan. That way, we both have a record of it. I know he is really appreciative of the help, and I am grateful for his own help too, as he is one of the best workers I have had!