Best Foods for Health and Fitness

I am working on a plan to get an athletic scholarship to a major college program in basketball. It involves a good number of moving parts and I am trying to put it all down on paper. A big thing is in the academics, since if you are not able to get in many schools unless you have the grades. If you are one of the best players in the world, then the grades will matter less. That does not apply to me. I need a nutrition strategy as well, since I am going to be playing on the inside in most colleges and I am as they say rather slight of frame. Right now I am six foot five inches tall, but I am only sixteen years old for the moment. I am going to be seventeen during the season this year and I am going to be a junior at my high school. Already a lot of guys are able to move me around a lot more easily than you would like. So I need to fill out and work on my strength. Of course weightlifting is not basketball, but it is rather hard for me because of the length of my arms. I have a friend who can bench press about three times what I can. He is under six feet tall though and he says that the length of your arms is really important when you are doing a bench press. In fact you can work on that and you can do repetitions of what you are able to lift. In the meanwhile I need to get a lot more protein in my diet and I also need to work on my cardio. It is important that I am able to play a lot of minutes next year without getting exhausted.