Appreciating More Aspects of Popular Music

My mom used to tell my friends I was singing before I was talking. I don’t know how true that was since there weren’t any video cameras around everywhere then like there is now, but she does make a good point. I have always loved music, and it is still a part of my daily life every day now. I work from home, so it is very easy for me to just turn on some tunes when I am working, especially when I find sites like the Tubidy Mp3 I found not long ago.

This is a pretty neat site because while it is all about music, it is about more than just listening to the songs. I was trying to find some lyrics to a song that I hadn’t heard in ages, and I was able to get them pretty quick with this website. I am also able to get a lot of photos off of this site, which is great for me since I am a visual person as well. I have mad respect for singers and bands, and I have found some really nice pictures of them from this Mp3 site.

I also have downloaded a lot of pictures that I have put up on my own website too. Of course, the majority of my site is about music, but it is nice being able to put pictures and wallpapers on there of my favorite singers and bands. This site also has some great videos of popular songs. I tend to go there when I have at least five or ten extra minutes so I can watch one or two of them. It is not that I love music more because of this site, but I definitely can appreciate it in a lot more ways because of it!