A Meal Replacement Shake That Works for Me

When my doctor told me to lose weight, I decided it was in my best interest to follow his advice. Diabetes runs in my family, and I know that obesity is a concern for that. I was about 40 pounds overweight, and I figured I would feel better if I could lose some weight anyway. I knew that I had to eat less and exercise more. The exercise part was not a big deal, because I do enjoy walking and riding my bike. I decided to look at some Shakeology reviews to help me with the eating part of losing weight.

I had never tried it before, but I know someone who used to use this meal replacement shake and had lost nearly 20 pounds. Though I had more to lose, I figured that it was possible to have similar results with me. I did want to read some reviews though so I would know exactly what I was getting my self into. I did not go to the website for the company that makes it though. I am too cynical for that! I wanted to find an unbiased website that would give me reviews that were honest.

The site I went to actually reviews all kinds of meal replacement shakes, and I was able to get the skinny on all of them, pun intended! I really liked what I read about Shakeology. The main thing it seemed to have against it is the texture of it, but that is no big deal for me. I am not drinking it to enjoy it, so that part really did not bother me. I liked everything I read about it, and I knew that it was the one I was going to try. That was nearly 30 pounds ago, so I can safely say it works!