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My Best Friend is Much Happier Now

My best friend was not blessed in the bust department, but a quick visit to changed that. She was always told by our mutual friends how lucky she was because she could go outside without a bra on, she could jog without her breasts bouncing, she didn’t get stared at by guys like she was just a sex object, and so many other ways in which they thought she should appreciate her small stature. Well, I am the only one who really knew her pain, because the others just discounted her feelings of despair over this. I don’t blame them really, because she did not confide in anyone else the way she did me.

Because of that, I knew how much it bothered her. I knew how much she wanted to be able to go and buy a nice dress that would show some cleavage without having to use a heavily padded bra that pushes up what little she did have. Continue reading