Monthly Archives: February 2017

Our Next Home is in District 27

I went to because of their comprehensive listing of all the newest EC launches in Singapore. This site is familiar with so many people because it covers every new development in every district. That is the main reason I like looking at it, and it is also the reason I found where I am going to live next. As soon as I saw the Visionaire EC, I knew that I wanted in on it. The location is perfect since it is in District 27, which is where my husband works.

It is going to be pretty huge when it is fully completed, which should be sometime next year. There will be 632 units available, and they will be situated in 16 different blocks. We have two children, so we will take one of the three bedroom units at the minimum. Continue reading

Experiencing a Multi-Layered Reality with Technology

Website design is no longer limited by the constraints of how it should be viewed through a computer. The rapid growth of technology has forced design to adapt to those same changes. Now we are viewing websites through smart phones, mobile devices, tablets and even the likes of augmented reality. That’s where a company like comes into play. For all your business and personal needs, a digital window is the most important part of success. People have to be able to find you. They have to be able to experience what you have to offer. That means providing multiple shared experiences for these visitors. Continue reading

Helped My Friend Move This Weekend

I am really pretty jealous of my friend for the place that he found, although there is not much way that I would be able to afford it. However it is a lot better than the place where I am living with a guy that I went to college with. Obviously you are not really going to be able to afford seaside residences in Singapore unless you have money and he has a very wealthy family. They made a huge amount of money in real estate, now they are involved in building large residential buildings. What that really means is that they are in a position to borrow a huge sum of money in order to carry out these projects, rather than that they actually have huge piles of cash. Of course that does not mean that he wants to pay people to help him move, but I did not do it for free.

The big thing he wanted was to borrow the van that my boss lets me drive, but there was not any chance that I was going to do that. Continue reading