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Make It a Point to Save on Every Monthly Household Expense from Insurance to Internet

Have you ever considered how much it costs at your house to keep your family entertained? I hear all of this lobbying to keep the Internet free and to keep network television free. However, neither are free at our house. You obviously have to pay to have Internet service at your house, and we cannot pick up a signal for even the local TV stations, So, television is not free either. To save money I searched online for how to save on cable Internet bundles at home. I not only found good bundled package prices on Internet and TV service, but found a much lower price overall than what we were paying.

The last few years we have had one rate increase after another for cable and Internet. Our house phone line costs kept going up too even tough it is not a big expense. Continue reading

The Community Here is Great

My wife found this complex in our town called, Hernon Walk apts, we were in the market for a new apartment but I had never heard of this place. It has apparantely been there for a very long time but neither of us had ever seen or heard of it until today. But, like I said we were in the market so we went to check it out. Wow is the only word that I can use to describe it. I can’t even put in words how good it was, you just have to go there and check it out yourself if you want to see. What I can say however is that after that quick tour we decided that this was the place that we wanted to live, so maybe if you’re in the market you will have the same experience. The best part is they weren’t even that expensive compared to the other places around our town. They were actually a bit cheaper.

We have now been living here for a year and I can safely say that nothing has really changed at all. We still love it here and have learned to love it even more then we initially did. If I haven’t told you about the community yet I will now, because they are awesome and are a big part about why you should come live here. It is a mix between singles and families out here, as it is with most apartment complexes so there isn’t much fighting going on between neighbors. They respect that some of us are young and loud sometimes and we respect that they have children running around at all hours of the night. It’s a pretty nice system we got going on, and it is great. We are friends with all of our neighbors and we even do community barbecues sometimes.