Monthly Archives: October 2013

Cash is Needed This Second

I accidentally over drew my account and the check that I am supposed to get to cover the over draft fees is still a week away, I am so scared as to what is going to happen if I do not get a tcm singapore payday loan. I tried to go to the bank to stop them from giving me over draft fees for every single day that I am in the negative but they did not seem to care. All they said was that it was my fault and it was not their problem. I am a single mom, my husband left me with our three kids and I am not getting any help from him at all. I do not even know where to contact him. I need cash now so I have to go to a payday advanced window to see if they will lend me the small amount of money that I need to cover the over draft fees and then I will be able to pay them back on the day of my next pay check.

I have never had to do anything like this before. We live and have to count the pennies but I have always been so careful about what I do with my money, where I spend it, and what I have to spend it on. My bills are sometimes paid late but they are always paid. I can not believe that the bank can turn me away from their bank when I need them, I have been a good customer for over ten years and they are still not willing to help me, I have no other choice but to go out and find someone or a company to borrow the money from. I am so embarrassed that I have to do this.